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We believe that data analytics can help close the opportunity gap in soccer for leagues, clubs, and players alike.

The Soccerlytics Story

From Cameroon to America

Soccerlytics founder Columbus Morfaw grew up playing competitive soccer for 7 years in Cameroon. He didn’t realize that the level of talent surrounding him was quite high relative to the rest of the globe.

At the age of 16, he moved to the U.S. on an academic visa and joined a nearby amateur men’s league. Columbus was quickly recruited on a Division 1 college soccer scholarship – his first exposure to the student-athlete system.

A profound and lasting realization dawned on Columbus. Some of his teammates in Cameroon had far more soccer talent, and would have easily received similar American scholarships. They just never got the opportunity.

The game is more predictable than ever. The same handful of clubs win trophies because they buy all the best players.

Helping clubs and players compete at the global level with fewer resources is the obvious next step for the growth of the game.

Columbus Morfaw

Founder & Managing Director, Soccerlytics

The Opportunity Gap

Many global talent sources remain untapped – and clubs, leagues, agencies, and universities would benefit from improved access to them.

We believe technology, data, and analytics is one of the most effective ways to close this gap.

The Abundance Of Unlocked Global Talent

Many high-potential players are never discovered, especially in Africa. Top talents who remain unscouted miss out on a life-changing opportunity.

The Growing Wealth Gap Among Clubs

Most clubs can no longer compete with the large, higher-spending clubs in Europe. Unlocking African potential is key to narrowing this gap.

The American Student-Athlete Industry

American universities and high schools provide scholarships for talented soccer athletes. Matching talent to these opportunities is crucial.

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