Game Model Implementation


Build A Sporting Strategy For Your Club

Create a game model that will drive sporting decisions and processes – from player development to first team evaluation to recruitment.

Quantify Your Style Of Play

Define your tactical approach and instructions for each position across all phases of play. Translate these instructions into a custom scoring model for each position using data from providers of your choice (e.g. Opta or StatsBomb).

Build A Data-Driven Depth Chart

Get objective ranks, scores, and percentiles for players compared to others in their position. What percentile is your starting left wing back compared to the rest of the league? How do U23 and academy players compare to their first-team counterparts?

Identify New Players That Fit

Discover players that best fit your style of play at each position on the pitch. Use positional scores and rankings to identify new transfer targets and combine them with your scouting reports for a more rounded view of existing targets.

Succeed With Data-Driven Soccer Analytics

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